A Round-About Journey To Finding My Purpose

Early on I had many creative interests

When I was 19, I started working at a fine jewelry store and fell in love with gemstones and jewelry. I used to stay up way too late drawing different designs for rings and pendants. I mean, pages and pages of these things. Fantasizing about having them made one day.

Photo I took of the morning frost, near Yosemite, CA
“Graphic Design Is Everywhere!”

The Detour

Early in my 2nd year of college, I became unintentionally pregnant. At that moment, my head spun, and I felt an urgency to get a career fast so that I could provide for my child. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in college at that time, so I thought, “what is another creative field I could work in, but like, really fast?” Cosmetology!

No. Not simple at all actually…

This turned out to be far more than I bargained for. The amount of time required to study for this massive 8-hour test, on top of prep all the elements required for the application was more than I could commit while taking care of a family. I threw up the white flag and went back to the drawing board once again.

The Ah-Ha Moment

There were two guys working in the same office as me who worked on creating advertisements for the company and did video editing because the boss man made vlogs and webinars. I found myself obsessed with what they were doing. I was so distracted; I could hardly focus on my own job duties. I kept staring over in their direction, thinking, “I want to do what they’re doing.”

The Destination

I promptly looked into design programs and enrolled in Maryville’s online bachelor’s degree program in Digital Media. After the first course, Intro to Digital Media, I got to explore Adobe’s Creative Cloud Programs and got back in touch with my creative self.

My Purpose

Now I bring my love of the arts, my enthusiasm for design, and my appreciation for the creativity in the world and in myself to my work as a designer.



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Amy Treder

Amy Treder

Aspiring designer, currently exploring different areas of design to find my niche.